Saturday, May 2, 2015

First bricks set.

Yesterday, as usual, didn’t go as planned, but I got everything done I wanted to get done anyway. Pam and Ralph came over fairly early and Ralph started mortaring the new patio bricks. He worked several hours while Pam and I worked on our baskets. I have started the gradual expansion at the top. Want to do a few rows of that, put in a handle on two sides, and then finish it up. 

The first corner is in.

After Pam and Ralph left, I went to the post office and picked up my garden cart and ceiling fan. The cart was in a huge box. Had some lunch and then installed the ceiling fan in the bedroom. I had some time left over so I put the garden cart together too. I like the cart, it is nice. :) My floor lamp came too, so now I can work on my basket after it gets dark. The ceiling fan keeps the air circulating in the bedroom. Felt cooler in there (a little) last night.

I ordered some pine needles and some cord on eBay yesterday so I can do some more baskets. Hoping to get a few done up for Christmas. Maybe. Not sure what I will use for the bases but will figure it out as I go.

I had another screwed up night, and had fallen asleep in front of the TV around 6:30, and woke up at 11:30 and was up for a while, then spent a couple hours in the chair in front of the swamp cooler. So I was up fairly early this morning, showered, dressed and walked. Ralph and Pam were back for an early start when I got back from my walk. When I am done here, I will work on my basket some. After that, I have no plans for the day. A nap for sure later, then who knows. Not supposed to be quite as warm today. We hit 106 yesterday and today is only supposed to be in the 90’s and back to the 80’s next week. I will get back outside and do the last few outside projects I have then. I might even make it to Parker and get my AZ driver’s license.

Oh, and I had my first salad from my little container garden last night. I had mixed greens, green onion, feta and imitation seafood. Was good. :)

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