Saturday, May 9, 2015

Snake has a home

I finally got myself out and about yesterday, got my hooks for the back of the shed, went to the post office and picked up my packages, then went to the vet to pick up Kali Cat’s ashes, and they have gone to summer hours and were closed! Now I have to wait until Monday. :( I’m not happy about that. I have already waited four weeks to bring her home. But I will just have to deal with it. I continued to Dollar General from there, and then home to put stuff away. UPS delivered my new towel rack for the bathroom and my folding tables while I was out, so I dealt with those too. 

I got the towel rack hung. It freed up a whole shelf in the bathroom cupboard and also gave me a spot to hang my clothes when I take them off at night. I’m pretty pleased with it. I had just gotten the sheetrock anchors for it while I was out earlier in the day. I spent the afternoon reading. Was nice to have a quiet afternoon.

I had a burst of energy this morning and have already done my vacuuming and dusting. I also found a permanent home for the wooden snake that I have been moving from spot to spot since I got him. None of the spots seemed right, but I am also tired of moving him around. I put him in his new home this morning and I won’t have to move him again.

I have a whole list of things to do, but am not sure how much I will get done today. They are mostly smaller projects except for re doing the fountain. I’m not feeling particularly motivated today. I may just start a new basket. After I walk of course. 


  1. I love your towel rack--looks like it would be perfect for our rv when we find one we want to buy and can afford!!. Our plans are to be on the roadinabt. 16 months. Our eldest is back home with his wife and two kids while he finished a reapiratory therapist course--one year down and one to go. WooHoo...and then freedom for Morm

  2. Good luck with your goals! Sounds like you have a house full now.
    Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Had a great Mother's Day--bought a bunch of flowers to plant in hugelkultur beds in front of the house. My husband cooked crockpot roast and potatoes for dinner. No green,I think I was supposed to be in charge of that but I read a book instead.. Oh, Well--it suited it me just fine anyway.

      I'm hoping someday to meet in person--go out to eat or something.