Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Yet another dream.

I think I managed almost six hours last night. The worst of it was at the top of the night. Was better later. I had another one of my Jake dreams. If anyone ever had any doubt that I loved him, all they have to do is experience one of my dreams. This one was a little different, he actually proposed to me, we married, THEN he disappeared. I was thrilled with the proposal and marriage, and then the devastation when he left. Each and every one of these dreams are different, yet exactly the same. At least I was better off financially in my dream...

Anyway, yesterday I got quite a bit done early Tried on the clothes that I had here, then did my walk, and off to town I went. I stopped at the hardware store and got a blank cover for the phone outlet in the bedroom. It was just an ugly hole in the wall. I got a door stop for the bathroom door. Since I hang clothes on the back, it is constantly in the way. It now has a kick stand to keep it against the wall. I got sick of bumping into it every time I turned around.

DG for giggles, and got some nail polish for my toes, some plastic baskets for outside. Then the Salvation Army. Got an iron for $3, and three beige tops, one of them should work with the pants. I also picked up a microwave steamer. I have practically furnished the house from Sal’s. Definitely my work wardrobe.

Got the kick stand for the door and the outlet plate installed, two loads of laundry because I didn’t want to wash the red skirt I got Sunday at the other thrift shop with the beige tops, and a few other piddly chores. So all in all, it was a productive day even tho I was done by noon. Not sure today will be as productive.

Oh, one other thing I did was screw the fans in the bedroom and living room to the window sills. Tired of having to move them when I open and close the windows. They are spaced so all I have to do is open or close the window and I don’t have to touch the fans. That also got rid of that ugly black cord stretched across the living room window holding the fan in place. :) Now I have to cover the other side of the window so the sun isn’t in my eyes when I sit down to watch the news at night.

I think I am going to make up some bracelet blanks. I will cut several pieces of different widths and then press them. Then they will be ready for any inspiration I might have. I have a whole list of things on my To Do list. I will get to them eventually. I have also started a list for when it is too hot to be outside. Cleaning this place is at the top of that list. I want to do a spring cleaning, from top to bottom. I should have done it before I moved in, but it didn’t get done. One of my other items is to try and make a slip cover for the recliner. I also want to make covers for the outside chairs. I’m tired of putting the towel back in place 20 times a day. I haven’t found material for them yet tho. I have been looking. 

Vicki and I are planning on going to a singles breakfast at the cafe on Friday. Most of the singles have left for the summer, but maybe there will be someone to do something with. At least the ice will be broken for future events.

I still like my house, very much. I look around a couple times a day and think how lucky I am and how much I like it. :) It is the nicest place I have lived in in a long time. It is plenty big for me, and not too much to handle. It’s in good shape and I don’t have to do much to it.  It is a nice feeling.

Well, if I am going to be out walking by 7, I need to get moving. 

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