Friday, May 8, 2015

A whole new room

Once again I’m getting a very late start this morning. Had another one of those nights. I even took some Benadryl before I went to bed and woke up within two hours all stuffed up! The wind has been blowing, so there is a lot of  dust and pollen in the air. 

Got lots of little projects done yesterday. Got the car cleaned and polished, got the watering system setup next door, got the safety handle installed outside the shower, lock on the sliding door, and got the patio put back together after the guys that installed the shade cloth left. I actually have the solar motion light installed with screws instead of held up with bungees. :) It is directly over the driveway end door on the patio where it will be useful. Although I am rarely out after dark. I also moved the outdoor thermometer sensor since it was now indoors (sort of), and found a new spot for the regular thermometer. Lots of little stuff done. Seems like every time I cross something off my list, I add something new, sometimes several things. 

I took the bottom part of the cat crate and hung it on the wall over the outside work bench. That gives me a couple of skinny shelves and a place to hang stuff over the bench. Finally got the signs from C&C hung, they are right beside the back door over the ice maker. I had some trouble finding a spot for the solar chandelier after the cloth went up. It needed to be where it got sunshine, but close enough to light some of the patio. I found a spot on the very end outside the cloth by the gate. It doesn’t do a whole lot for the patio, but at least it is back up. 

Today I need to run errands. I want to get some hooks for the back of the shed and the back of the building so I can get the ladder hung up and off the ground and get the folding chairs hung up and out of the shed. They are taking up too much space in there. Still trying to get that organized, but there has been so much else going on I haven’t managed to do it. 

I also need to go to the post office, Dollar General, and pick up Kali Cat’s ashes and bring her home finally. The hardware store closes at 1 and the vet at noon, so I have a little time to work with. Then I might take the rest of the day off. There has been so much going on. I haven’t been eating well this week and it has been affecting the way I feel. I need to get back to clean eating. Stop eating processed foods. It is just that they taste so good and are easy to fix. I’m not getting enough fresh fruits and veggies. Between that and not getting my walks in, and not sleeping, I’m feeling pretty crappy. But it is something I can do something about. 

As for the job, I don’t know much about what I would be doing. I only went by the ad, and everything it asked for, I could do. Here is the ad…

Sounded good to me. Got my fingers crossed. 

Well, I need to get myself moving so I can get stuff done before these places close for the week. Hopefully the extra set of nesting patio tables will be at the post office. I have one section of wall inside the patio that is nekkid and needs plants. Plus the larger of the three is going to become a printer stand in the living room. The stand I have the printer on now is too big for the room and it has to go.