Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Kali Cat is home where she belongs finally.

It has been a month, four weeks, since Kali Cat left. I finally got her ashes yesterday. I cried. Off and on all day, and could still cry if I let myself. I do miss her, and it makes me miss Jake more too. I got her ashes transferred to her urn, and she is sitting with Jake now in the bedroom where I can see them any time I want. 

Was a hot day yesterday, I think we topped out at 100 degrees. I didn't get much done besides errands and laundry. George stopped by to see about the two outlets I want installed and I will finally get those done. 

I took the 40lb bag of bird seed back to the store. I hadn't opened it and since I have decided to stop feeding the birds, didn't want to open it. I bought a couple of boxes of scrap lumber so I finally have something to burn in the chiminea. I will get that christened some time in the next week or so. Just need a cool night now. My garden cart is currently a fire wood holder, need to find a place to store the wood. And the bucket I got for the fountain is a kindling holder. Again, need to find something to keep that in too. 

Got carrots for the bunnies and stuff to put in a salad for myself. Going to try to get back to clean eating and maybe loose some more weight if I can. Plus I need to get my A1C lowered. I'm sure it has crept up in the last few months. Stopped at Sal's and picked up a couple more pair of long pants and a couple of tops for work or interviews. Got it all washed and dried, but need to press everything now. 

It is already hot and it is only 7:30. I think I will step today instead of walk. It is cooler indoors already. I'm really going to try to get those hooks up on the back of the shed, but we will see how ambitious I am once I get showered and dressed. It may be an indoor day.

Haven't heard anything about the job interview, yet. Still hoping.

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