Thursday, May 7, 2015

Application submitted.

That application, and resume event screwed up my whole day yesterday. I lost the whole  morning getting that done and delivered. I took the application over and hand delivered it, and when I got there, discovered the woman I had been in contact with works in the Parker office. The local gal faxed it to her for me. I got a call around noon, and she will be calling me next week to set up an interview. I’m excited about that, looks like it would be a good job, and initially it is only part time.  Plus, it is within scooter distance, and I could even walk if I felt motivated. If I got the job, I would have to drive to Parker every day for the first week, then after that, I would be on my own here in Quartzsite. I have already proven I can work unsupervised. I’m trying not to get too excited about this, but that would beat a job in a convenience or dollar store. Might even have bennies. Would be really nice to have a little money coming in for a change.

I stopped at Sal’s on the way back from the post office and bought three pair of pants, four tops, a white shirt for scooter riding and a stainless steel colander. I spent $14 and hopefully have a few nice work clothes.  I should be able to pull something together from that for the interview at least. And if I get the job, see what the expected wardrobe is and adapt to that. I only had jeans and shorts, nothing for a job outside the home. 

Got a nap in the afternoon. I did not get the car polished, and didn’t get the watering system set up a couple places down so I don’t have to haul water all summer. 

Oh, once I finally got the external drive straightened out I backed up a bunch of stuff from this computer that had never been backed up. That took a while. But I am happy to have it done.

I got my laundry done and an extra load with the new work clothes. I need to try them on, make sure they don’t need anything and press a couple of pieces. But I have a few days, so I don’t have to do that today. 

I haven’t heard from the shade cloth guy. I hope he is planning on being here today. That is what I have been working towards. I want to have that done. Never heard back from the electrician I called on Monday morning. I guess the job is too small for him. I will find someone else to put in two outlets outside.

This morning I want to do the two things I didn’t get done yesterday - waxing the car and setting up the watering system on my neighbors plants. I got the hose and splitter at KMart the other day. Herb’s if open until 1 if I need anything else. 

My sleep is really suffering. I am up multiple times in the night and I am only getting about four hours max. I’m tired. Tonight I am going to take a sleep aid, see if that helps. If not, tomorrow, damn the BP, I will take some Benadryl. That always helped me sleep. I can’t imagine my lack of sleep is good for the blood pressure either. 

It is cool this morning, lower 60’s. Good sleeping weather. Too bad I don’t sleep. Only supposed to be in the 80’s today and cooler again tonight. Our 80’s are the equivalent of your humid 70’s. It is bearable and almost nice. Once it hits 90, then it starts to get uncomfortable.

Last night I went to Pam and Ralph’s for tacos. Met another person I had seen online. Brought home five bases for baskets, some chili and some refried beans. I never turn down free food. :)

Well, time to get showered and dressed. I need to be ready if the shade cloth guy shows, and I also want to get some stuff done (like the car) while it is still cool.

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