Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It was a quiet day

It was a very slow start yesterday. I finally managed to get in the shower around 10:30. By then I had done a bunch of stuff including making a marinated tomato and cucumber salad to go with my steak for dinner. The longer it sits, the better it is. I grilled the steak and have enough left for lunch today. It was OK. I had put it in the freezer with low cal/fat free italian dressing, but that doesn’t work as well as the regular stuff. Different flavor too. I think I will splurge on the calories and use the real stuff from now on for marinating. The light stuff is good enough for salads, but I use mostly olive oil on my salads now anyway.

I worked on two more copper bracelets yesterday. A little narrower than the one from the day before. These two are textured. Still having soldering issues, so I guess I will keep working at it. I tried coloring the two new ones with alcohol ink but didn’t like the ink so I removed it. They are just plain textured bracelets now. 

In this pic I still had some ink to get off them, and they are paired with the one I made the day before.

I read a book, and went across the road for cake last night. I didn’t have the cake, but visited for a little while. I wasn’t really into it since I was running on about three hours sleep, and my back has started hurting again. But Vicki insisted. I did not go to the thing in the park, it was too warm to be out in the sun. I did move my car to the next street over to a vacant cover. One of the neighbors offered it to me until their renters come back. It doesn’t block all the sun, but does pretty well until late in the day. I think I will still have to cover two tires, but that is better than four tires and all the windows.

There are no watering rounds today. About the only thing I have on the agenda is to go to the Salvation Army and see if I can find a top for the beige pin stripe pants I got last week. Although I should probably try them on first…OK, they fit. So does the black skirt I grabbed the other day at the other thrift shop. But the tan blouse I got one of the arm seams is ripped out. It didn’t really fit me anyway. So I definitely need to find something to go with the pants. 

Last night I got about six hours sleep with only one interruption. Lets hope this is a trend.  I had taken some Aleve for my back, maybe that helped.

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