Friday, May 6, 2016

It's here!

It’s here! And it was worth the wait. I have already used it twice. I need to figure out the patio divider/privacy curtain tho. At the moment I just strung a rope and hung a drop cloth on it. It isn’t very pretty but works. Today I will get that figured out and more permanent.

It is actually quite a bit larger than it looks. It is about the length of a bath tub, maybe a little longer, but quite a bit wider. You could fit two people in if they were friendly. The water here has been warming up so I didn’t have to wait for the temperature to regulate. The first time I was in for a half hour or so, then right before I went to bed, I got in again to bring down my body temp, only about five minutes, but it did help me go to sleep. It is nice and solid, so you can lean against the end comfortably. I had forgotten how much I missed my little pools.

This is me in the tub…

It didn’t arrive until almost 3, but I was in it by 4:30. Before that I read. It wasn’t quite as hot yesterday (upper 90’s) and it was very windy. Not a great day to be outdoors. There were wind and dust warnings.

The water isn’t quite warm enough yet to turn off the water heater, but the way we are going it will be soon. I didn’t run the AC yesterday, but probably would have had to if I hadn’t used the cool tub. This year I am trying to keep the AC set at 84. Last year I had it set at 80. I’m hoping the extra time I have spent here has helped my body adjust to the heat a little. I have been here a full year, they say it takes about two to adapt to the new climate.

Right now I am thinking I am going to run a line at ceiling height and hang the drop cloth from that. Since the ceiling of the patio is aluminum, I can’t attach anything directly to that. If I put the line high enough it won’t interfere with my back door. I have to go ceiling high because there is nothing to attach it to on the outside wall and I don’t want to damage my shade cloth. I am also thinking about hanging the second one on the back wall to keep out the afternoon sun. The shade cloth keeps some of it out, but a lot still gets through in the afternoon. If I don’t like it, I can always take it down. I moved the cinder blocks to the end to form a low wall and I might buy some more. They are about a buck apiece so it wouldn’t be expensive to raise that a little more. Although I have four under the bin at the head of the tub that I can use if I can find something else to put under the bin to keep it tub height. I also need to find a good spot for the little fire place. The tub is where that used to be. It has to be raised because I can’t get down on the ground to light it. I guess I will probably have to make a trip to Herbs. I don’t want to, but that is where the materials are. I don’t like where it is sitting on the top of the wall. Plus I really need caps to cover the cinder block holes.

Hey, check this out…it was in my FB memories this morning. I used to think I was fat then, wish I weighed that now. My hair is long again tho.

I cropped it so it is just me.....