Saturday, April 30, 2016

Chores are done

I have been busy this morning. So far I have walked, swept the patio, cleaned the patio work bench, spray painted a mailbox that I bought a few weeks back, cleaned out the fridge, made the bed and have scootered the garbage to the dumpster. It is just hitting 7:30. I love productive mornings. Now I won’t have to feel so guilty the rest of the day. :) I think I am ready for a nap!

Yesterday I did laundry, read a little and then went to the pot luck. Keith came over after and we are putting together a plan for a little road trip. This time a couple of days - a little further afield. He has already been everywhere, this will all be new to me. San Diego will probably be in the mix, San Francisco is too far to the north for a leisurely couple of days trip. Will be interesting to spend that much time with him, wonder how that will go. But I appreciate him being willing to take me on tour. :)

Last night I put together an Excel work sheet with all the electric bills that I have paid since I have been here. March and April are the first overlap months, and so far I have used less power than I did in those months last year. I am hoping this will be a trend. And that is with my dryer. I haven’t run the AC or the ice machine as much and I’m sure that has made all the difference. I have been wanting to do the spread sheet for a while and we started reading our own meters for the summer. They usually give out slips to record on, but I didn’t get mine for some reason so I made my own. Paid that this morning, dropped it off when I went for my walk. 

Not sure what is on the agenda for today. I have my chores done so I will play it by ear. I didn’t make it to the post office yesterday and there is no sense in going today because if I have any packages, I can’t pick them up since it is closed on Saturday. Might as well wait until after coffee on Monday now. It is the last coffee for the season. Tomorrow the last Sunday breakfast….everyone (almost) is leaving or has left.

Think I will go finish up that mailbox. I am going to hang it by my back door for notes or whatever. I haven't decided if I am going to dress it up so I will just hang it for now. I also need to finish putting up the clear shower curtains over the rest of the windows to help keep the AC cooled air in and the hot desert heat out. I think it actually helps and the clear liners allow me to see outside and let in the light. Don't really know they are there until it gets dark, then the light reflects off them.

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