Tuesday, April 12, 2016

New irrigation

The new irrigation system is almost done. I need more parts and of course Herb’s is on summer hours and was closed by the time I realized this. It would have been done if I had had enough elbows. Sigh…but I will finish it up this morning. I basically dug a trench from one end of the property to the other plus three side trenches, but I had some help on the last of it. I was loosing motivation and Keith offered to help. I wasn’t about to refuse free manual labor. He finished up the digging for me, the three short ones and then proceeded to glue what I had laid out together. The spigot is done and working, but the plant system needs to be finished up, tested and then back filled and try to get the yard back into some sort of normalcy. It was an all day project and I am quite stiff and sore this morning.

Trenching is done. It goes all the way around the back of the shed. Was a lot of digging. Keith finishing up the last few sections that needed to be trenched.

PVC pipe laid out and ready to glue together.

The new hose spigot right beside the grow bench.

Tested and working, so that section has been back filled and is in use. I still need to remove the old hose I had running from the back. Will be nice to have that gone. Need some pipe clamps to tighten up the pipe and hold it in place, but a definite improvement. I need more rock for the yard, Glen says to shovel some up from the storage area but I think I need more than what I can get from there. I will check it out tho.

I want to get this wrapped up and the yard put back together today. I hate the mess. I will have to go to Herb’s first thing this morning and get the parts that I need. Surprisingly I was able to use the PVC cutters that I bought to do this project with. I thought since my hands were so small I wouldn’t be able to use them. Made the job a lot easier and made nice clean cuts.

Finishing this up will probably take at least half the day. I have no plans for anything else today. I’m not going to bother going to the store and buy food because I want to go Smart and Final in Blythe and get some good produce. I can do that now since I don’t have to worry about work. I will also go to Dollar Tree. I don’t get to go there very often.

I still have the smaller automatic watering system to setup on the grow bench. Now that the spigot is there, it will make it easier and hopefully I have all the right parts this time. So many things to do! Still have to clean the house too. I have been pretty lazy the last week or two, but now that I am actually getting things done, I might have more motivation. Need to spend some more time on the trailer too. And take it out for a couple of nights. I want to spend as much time outdoors as I can before it gets too hot. It has been cool enough that I haven’t had to start up the AC, and was cool enough to sleep with the blanket last night. I have slept a little better the last couple of nights.

There is a nest of baby doves at my neighbors on the next street over. They nested on the top of a ladder leaning against his garage. I tried to get pictures, but she was there every time I looked. Supposedly there are three babies. Starting to see more quail again too so they must be done or nearly done nesting. Should see some babies pretty soon. Lots of little bunnies around too. It’s that time of year.

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