Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The broad side of a barn

Turns out that I CAN hit the broad side of a barn with a hand gun. And I had a good time.

Keith, me and Lafarr. Taken with my selfie stick.

Showing off.

This is the setup the guys have, we just added my Ruger to it.

Now I know what I look like from behind.....Ugh!

I fired the following and had about a 70 to 75% hit rate, some better than others. 

Two different Ruger .22
Browning .22
Glock 9mm
Sig Sauer 9mm
Smith & Wesson 357 and 38 Special

I did better further away from the target - go figure.

I wore my desert flap hat for the first time and my new hiking sandals. I want to get the sandals broken in before I actually wear them hiking. The hat I had picked up at Sal's a few weeks back. It was very comfortable. I actually forgot that I had it on.

I had to order a pistol cleaning kit. The one I have is for rifles and didn't work when I went to clean the gun. Did the best I could with what I had and will do a thorough cleaning when I get the proper tools. I also ordered my own ear protection because I do want to do this again. Next time I will take my 20g with me and test that out.

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