Friday, April 29, 2016

Los Algodones

I rode along with Keith and Lafarr to Mexico yesterday. Lafarr needed some meds before he heads back to CA for the summer. I went along for the company and to get out of the house and do something. I hadn't been down Yuma way in over a year. I really do need to get down there and visit with Howard and Barbara before they head northeast.

I finally got one of the cotton jackets I have seen people wearing. I didn't barter on the price as I thought it was a fair price. I did, however, barter on a couple of bags and got them for half of the original asking price. One I will keep, one will be an xmas gift.

We had a great lunch at the Asian Buffet in Yuma. I ate way too much. Good thing I exceeded my walking goal for the day.

I get a kick out of this sign every time I see it. 

Of course, the one day I'm not here, UPS Freight tried to deliver my stock tank. Now I have to wait another week since they only come to Q once a week. I have been waiting for that. It is going to be my cool tub (as opposed to a hot tub) for cooling down when it is hot since there is no pool and I don't have a bathtub.

Today is laundry and chore day. There is a pot luck this afternoon. My contribution is a tub of potato salad I picked up while we were in Yuma yesterday.

Keith and I are mulling over a road trip before he heads back to the UK. I would like to get out and see something new. There is so much I haven't seen yet, and won't on my own. I can't spend the whole summer closed up in this little place. Maybe San Francisco. I wouldn't mind seeing some water and some greenery. It has been a while.

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