Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Irrigation is done.

Yup, I finished it. I got over to Herbs and bought a bunch of fittings, more than I needed, but it is a good thing. I actually used one that wasn’t on my list that looked useful in the store. I have some parts left over and will keep them as I also have some PVC left and will use it for something.

I got the last three feeds configured and glued together, flushed out the pipes and started filling the trenches back in. Then I hosed everything down, let it settle and covered everything with the rock I had raked out of the way. I need more rock, I lost some as it was mixed in with the sand, but it is nice to have my yard back. I still need to secure a couple of things, but it is basically done. My body was complaining and I just didn’t want to do any more contortions. I have blisters on both of my hands from the shovel and rake. I need to get some rock. It was already thin in some places and is even thinner now.

I picked up some push pins while I was at Herbs because my clear curtains over the front windows kept coming unstuck from the velcro. A few pins and they should be good for the summer. I may still do the windows by the table, haven’t really decided.

I ordered some iris tubers on eBay last night. I want to give them a try. There might be enough water in the little cactus garden around the fountain. Supposedly they can be grown in zone 9. Would be nice to have a perennial or two, and they are also supposed to be bunny resistant. I still have chicken wire just in case.

Of the six things I planted in the big black bin, the swiss chard is the first to show. I was beginning to wonder if anything was going to. Hopefully more will show soon. Tomato plants look good, lots of blossoms, hoping for tomatoes.

Here are some photos from the last week or so....


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    1. Yup, I'm fine. Just haven't had a lot to write about. Thank you for checking up on me. :)