Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Productive day

I got quite a bit done yesterday. Spent some time in the shed after I got back from my shopping, and got the benches cleared, cleared out some RV things that I had for Ody and can’t use and posted them for sale, cleaned my ice maker finally, and took down the plastic I had over the garden bench. I got the christmas tree and the wreath bagged up and put up and away on the ceiling of the shed. Pulled out the water tank I had bought for Ody since it was taking up a lot of floor space and that was one of the things I posted.

Went to the post office after coffee, picked up my stuff, The wait wasn't too bad, then went to the market and DG. Got fresh veggies for lunches and picked up another steak, a different cut this time. I found a few things at Sal’s including this king size bed skirt. It is going to be curtains and a bed skirt in the trailer. The gold thread is metallic and it is really pretty.

There should be enough material to do the curtains AND the bed skirt, plus maybe some left over for a couple of pillow covers. It was $2.

I also got a kool pillow cover for $3. I just now saw the bird. Must be the first time I had it right side up. I have that in the living room.

I picked up a couple of things for Valentines at Sal’s and a heart wreath at DG. Ordered a couple of hand made things from Ellen the other day too. I have to figure out how to hang the wreath on the door, but have plenty of time for that.

I also did three loads of laundry, two of which got hung on the line, and then I finished drying them in the dryer. I LOVE my dryer. Not sure why I waited so long to get it.

I cooked the steak for dinner. It was a much better cut. But I also filled the neighborhood with smoke. Oh well. :) And in amongst all of that, I even read a book.

Chad is going to swap out my TV antenna for me. I still have the omni that I bought first last year, and I’m hoping it will negate the need to keep adjusting the non omni that is up there now. There should also be less wind resistance and hopefully less noise when it is windy. We’ll see.

I don’t have much of anything on the agenda for today. It is my quiet day as I go back to work tomorrow. The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy as it is time for the Main Event. Lots and lots of people. January is when the Quartzsite population is at it’s largest. Then it should start quieting down in February. Hope it warms up some tho. I would really like to get out and visit the tents before they all disappear. My hours will start dropping off too and I will have more time to myself. I hope I have enough to get my checking account back up to it’s target. 

I think today I will take some pictures of the trailer and start sketching out my design. I want to put a back wall and a door inside the exterior door. The wall part will be by the potty, and I need the door to have a window. That way I can leave the big trailer door open and still be locked in. Will have to start looking for a door that I can use. It all has to be custom and smaller than normal. I have spent hours online looking at ideas and photos. Saved a few things to my pinterest board. But am mostly designing it myself. Too bad I can’t draw, my sketches are going to be really, really rough and not to scale.  https://www.pinterest.com/crnbrryctg/stealth-camper/

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