Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Materials list

I spent the morning yesterday measuring and working up some rough sketches and a materials list. I’m using Jake’s field book for my measurements, records and sketches. It will be my record book for the trailer now.  It is all very rough, but enough to work up the materials list. The lumber, insulation and screws and adhesive is going to run about $300. Not too bad. More than I had expected but within budget. I will bring home the first pieces of lumber this week and will hopefully start construction this weekend. There are still a lot of details that I need to figure out, but will do that as I go. The back wall needs to be done first. I’m hoping to keep a complete record of what I spend on this project. The inverter, charge controller and levels should arrive today or tomorrow. The mattress next week. Once I have the mattress, it will actually be useable if I choose to use it unfinished.

I am also trying to keep a running blog about the trailer project. It is here…

In the afternoon I read. At some point I got ambitious and went to the shed, now that the work benches are useable again, and soldered my rings that have been needing repair for quite a while. I can now wear them. I may have to take a soldering class because I’m not very good at it. I will have to see if I can find something online. I still want to play with some metal clay too.

Chad was gone all day so my antenna isn’t done. Hoping the omni will be an improvement of the directional antenna.

Today it is back to work. Four days of nothing but working, eating and sleeping. I hate that. Georgia is supposed to arrive in town some time today. Not sure when I will get to see her. Hoping we can go to the Grubstake at some point as I have been wanting one of their burgers.

Thought about taking the scooter out yesterday, but it is still too cold. We might see the low 70’s by next week. I hope so. So tired of being cold all the time. I may have to break down and get some sort of propane heater at some point. But it won’t be this year. I was kind of hoping to avoid that.

Mike put some movies in the cloud folder for me and I have been trying to download them since last night. So far I haven’t been able to download even one. My internet really sucks. Even this early in the morning I am having trouble. It reaches a certain point and then just stops. I really, really miss my DSL that I had in VT.

Tomorrow is the annual park meeting and of course I am working. Diane dropped off a ballot for me to fill out since I won’t be there. I need to get that done and dropped off either tonight or tomorrow morning. I have a package at the post office, my sweatshirts from Walmart. I don’t like smartpost. If you are going to ship it Fedex or UPS, just ship it that way. Don’t send it to the post office. Especially here where the post office is so very busy and messed up.


  1. I DESPISE Fedex & UPS using the post office... I want home delivery, not delivery at the post office 7 miles away.....

    1. Absolutely. And here, if the address is just a bit off, it immediately gets sent back. This is the most uncooperative post office in the country. Ask anyone.