Saturday, January 23, 2016

TV finally fixed

At some point during the day yesterday I got an idea for a possible fix on the TV. I came home and put a new cable between the antenna box and the TV and put it on TV2 instead of TV1, and it fixed the problem. I have about four extra channels too, and they all work. Yay! I’m good for the new season of TV shows that start in a week or so. Finally. Got my regular channels back too.

Work was fairly busy. It had its quiet moments. It wasn’t as warm yesterday. I just can’t seem to get my layering right.

Today is the last day of my work week. I will bring home the plywood I need for the floor, but won’t be able to put it down until I get the insulation. I can get the trailer emptied out and ready tho. I will just have to keep tracking the package so I will know what day. I will have to have the plywood cut in half so I can move it since I can’t manage a full 4 x 8 sheet by myself, and I don’t think I could fit it into the car either. The trailer isn’t registered, so I can’t use that to pick it up and I really don’t want to haul it until I get the box on the front replaced.

I realized this morning that my hands hadn’t broken out in a long time. They are itching this morning. I’m thinking it is stress. The job stresses me out. Either that or I have gotten into something I haven’t been near in a long time, but stress makes more sense. 

Hoping to have enough time this morning to get the cardboard to the dumpster before work. That way when it is time to get rid of the garbage I can just use the scooter.

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