Thursday, January 21, 2016

Not much to write about on work days

One of four work days done. I did ask for March 4th off. That is the park wide yard sale and I have stuff I need to get rid of plus some jewelry to sell.

Wasn’t as busy as I thought it was going to be yesterday. Hoping the post office isn’t crazy today. I have to go get my wire milk crates. Thankfully, those are the only packages coming via USPS. I forgot Target ships USPS…I should have waited a couple of weeks to order them, then the lines at the post office would be shorter.
I can’t do any work on the trailer until I get the floor done. Waiting for the underlayment to arrive. I will have to disassemble the bed put the floor down. Hopefully I won’t have to take it completely apart. Once I get the floor done and the bed back together, I can unroll the foam mattress and let that settle and expand, then get that cover made. Shelving can go in and then I can do some of the work on the outside. I still need to order the box for the outside, but want to get as much done inside as I can first. I’m hoping it is going to turn out neat and organized instead of a bunch of shelving stuck in a trailer. We’ll see. I need to sit down and figure out how much I have spent so far and see what I have left in my budget. Plus, I’m sure after I have it “done” I will find other things that need to be taken care of. I can’t forget that I need to register the thing too.

I am planning on going to Blythe on Monday and do some grocery shopping. I hear that the local markets are pretty much empty. They can’t keep the shelves stocked. I need produce. Something that will last more than a day or two when I bring it home.

I was actually warm at work yesterday so I will have to change the way I am dressing. Removable layers. Or at least layers I can either unbutton or unzip. I’m back to wearing shoes instead of boots, and if it stays warm, I may be back to sandals pretty soon. I think we hit 73 degrees yesterday. Soon I will be wearing shorts again. Yay. Less laundry.

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