Friday, January 15, 2016

Another work day

Not much here. Work day and all that. Came home, had dinner, fell asleep. The usual.

Still gathering bits and pieces for the trailer. Bring home a few things each day. Tomorrow I will bring home the first batch of lumber. 

Supposed to warm up some next week. Last night was in the 40’s, so that is a definite improvement. My feet are starting to be too warm in the afternoon in my boots, so that is also an improvement. I may try shoes today, but will have to wear socks, which I hate, or my leg warmers which leave my feet cold. I think I own only one pair of socks…bright red of course.

I picked my my package at the post office. It was my two lined sweatshirts I had ordered. They were on clearance so I got two for what I paid for the first one about five years ago. It has held up well, but it looking pretty ratty these days. My old one will be a work/yard sweatshirt now. 

That is about all I have this morning. Two more days of work and I will have something to write about again. Hopefully.

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