Monday, January 25, 2016

Quiet Sunday

One of my three days off is gone already. :(  I did fun things like laundry and taking the cardboard to the dumpster. I also got the two shelves hung in the closet for my shoes. I did have to have my neighbor get the plywood out of the car. There was one angle where it came out and he found it. He is considerably taller and stronger than I am, so it was easier for him. Now I am just waiting for the insulation. Supposedly it is scheduled to arrive today via UPS, which means late in the day. So tomorrow hopefully, I will get the floor put down and then I can start on the shelving. I doubt I will get it all done tomorrow as I still have to haul everything out of the trailer where I have been storing all it’s bits and take the bed apart to get the floor put down. But we will see what I manage to get done tomorrow.

Today I guess I am going to Blythe to do some grocery shopping. My fridge is literally empty. I have some condiments and some grapefruit, but that is about it. Need fruit and veggies and a bunch of other stuff. Most of my work lunch stuff comes from Dollar General, so I guess I will have to stop there too. Hopefully they will have what I need. Before that, Monday morning coffee.

The town should empty out quite a bit today. Both big shows ended yesterday. There will still be a lot of people here, but not like the last two weeks. Things should quiet down at work a little too. Which is both good and bad. The days will be longer but hopefully a little less stressful.

Having trouble with my phone. It won’t stay charged up. Some of that has to do with the cell usage the last couple of weeks. Way too many people using it. I have turned off a bunch of stuff and we’ll see if that helps. Facebook seems to be the biggest offender on battery usage. I may have to uninstall it and messenger.

I haven’t been to Sal’s for a couple of weeks, I may try to go there too. We’ll see how busy it is.

Georgia invited me to go to a singles brunch today, but I declined. It will be 98% women anyway, so why bother. 

Almost warm enough to start wearing shorts again. I was down to a single layer long sleeve shirt for a few hours yesterday. But the minute the sun went around, it was cool again. Nights are still cool too. Although I have started using my ceiling fan at night to keep the bedroom cooler. Time to start spraying for buggies outside again. See if we can avoid the ants this year and hopefully anything worse. I have been lucky, only saw scorpions that one time.

The lilac cuttings haven’t done anything. The avocado is dead, and my desert willow seedlings are still alive. Two of them. I have them under a soda bottle which seems to be working for them. One of them has started to put out it’s first set of true leaves. Maybe I will actually get a tree from this batch. That would be nice. Turnip greens are producing enough now that I can get one or two cuttings a week. Had some yesterday on my pizza for lunch and in my frittata for dinner. I have a few lettuce greens coming too. 

I did pot up the tulip bulbs from the plant I bought last year. They haven’t done anything yet. I don’t know if they will grow or not. My sage died. I guess I will have to buy one if I want one. Gardening is hard here.

TV is still working well and the internet seems to be a little faster this morning. 

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