Friday, January 22, 2016

A rant I can't post

I had a work rant, but not something I can post...lets just say that job isn't a good fit for me, but it pays some of the bills. I can live with it for now.

There isn’t much to write about. I work, I eat, I sleep. I did pick up the wire milk crates at the post office. Thankfully it wasn’t super busy and the line wasn’t too long. There was one person dealing with package pickups, so I got to jump the line some and the whole thing only took about 20 minutes out of my lunch hour. Huge boxes, had to fold the seats down to get them all in. They could have gotten all eight in two boxes, but it came in three boxes so I have a lot more cardboard to take to the dumpster. I will get that done at some point. For now it is stacked on the patio. 

The insulation for the trailer floor isn’t supposed to be here until Monday, so if that doesn’t show before then, I won’t be working on the trailer on Sunday. I will do something else instead, maybe the QIA craft thing. It is the last day. One more week of the big tent and the population should drop by about half, which means 500k people instead of a million or so. Seriously. Then they will start heading out as soon as it warms up in other parts of the country. The park here is full. Very few empty lots this year. 

I still don’t miss the snow. Or the ice and the freezing cold temps…I do miss the lakes and the water and all the green tho. Will have to get a fix this summer.

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