Friday, January 8, 2016

Not much going on

There is very little to write about these days. I work, I sleep. The job exhausts me and I barely have the energy to fix dinner when I get home on work days. I crash early. It isn't much of a life.

I'm missing Kali Cat and Jake a lot right now. I'm missing the physical and especially the emotional connections. Being widowed does get easier, but it never goes away.

The weather has been miserable. Cold, wet and rainy. We need the rain, trying not to complain, but on the tail of several weeks of cold weather, it isn't very pleasant and not what you would think Arizona is like. One warm sunny day on a day off, and I could get some stuff done.

No progress on the trailer, although I did order a 12v light fixture the other day. I might need a second one, I'll figure that out when the time comes. I have kind of a plan in my head, but need to go get some measurements before I lay it out. The weather just hasn't been motivating.

And that is about it. Two more work days, at least another week in the 50's if not more. It will warm up some day. Still not walking. Have to do something about that very soon.

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