Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Back to work

I got a bunch of stuff done yesterday. Got the car stuff put back in the car and it is a lot more organized now. All the emergency stuff is in the spare tire well where it belongs instead of all over the car. 
Got the fall stuff binned up in it’s new bin, moved some stuff around in the shed to make room for it. Each time I do that, the shed gets a little more organized. But I still have all my camping stuff in there taking up way too much space.

Painted a wooden peg wall hook and took down the metal one in the entry. The metal hook went into the closet for my winter coat which now gets it out of the way. I can open and close the doors without having to move the coat.

I fixed the water timer, it doesn’t make noise any more. I had to remove the Y adapter as it was completely covered in lime which is what was causing the noise. I am going to have to run a new watering line at some point, it is leaking again. I fixed one leak, the other is under the grapefruit tree, so the water is still going where it is supposed to. This time I am going to run PVC pipe for a more permanent solution, the black plastic breaks down and leaks. I will have to dig a trench and bury the pipe. That will probably take the whole weekend and several trips to the hardware store. PVC is pretty easy to work with. 

Of course, I lost a couple of hours dealing with the internet issue. I got an email yesterday saying my Karma had been shipped. They couldn’t have done it a week earlier and save me $60? Oh well. At least i have a backup. 

I already mentioned the two loads of laundry and the closet weeding out. All of that stuff is in the car waiting to be dropped off this morning. Most of that stuff was stuff I had bought over the summer at the thrift stores. I have several stops before work this morning, so I will have to leave early. I need to drop off the check for my electric bill, turn on the water timer on c street, take my garbage to the dumpster, and then the stop at Sal’s. If I have time, I should go to the post office, which I will have to do again at lunch time anyway because I have a couple of packages there.

I’m trying to think of what else I got done. I was busy most of the day. I got a lot done over the weekend. I did not get any ornaments on the tree tho, and I didn’t get any real cleaning done, namely the bathroom and the floors. But I have next weekend for that and maybe the pallet trees.

I did start a new book, but I don’t think I am going to finish it, it is kind of depressing. I don’t need that. 

No luck on getting the chairs sold. I guess I am stuck with them. 

I should be able to look at the cargo trailer this week. I think Glenn is moving into the little house. It is the beginning of the month, so that makes sense.

Back to work for four days. Which means nothing but work and sleep which is all I have the energy for these days.

Oh, I have new neighbors on the empty lot next door. I guess they are here for the winter, so my view from the patio is now their very large 5th wheel. At least my shade sail is between me and their living room windows. They have cats and I am hoping to get a feline fix at some point.

Still cold here. Hoping when the days start getting longer it will start warming up some. My electric bill went down again in spite of having to use the heat. Although it will probably be higher this month because of the fireplace. I run the light/fire part most of the time, and yesterday the heater was on most of the day too.

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