Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New trailer!

I got the trailer yesterday. I even got it backed into the driveway. It isn’t exactly where I wanted it, but it isn’t bad for a first backup. Here are a few pics.


It’s tiny, I can barely stand up straight, but it came with the generator and solar already installed. It also has a tire boot and a TV antenna. The antenna will probably come off, but we’ll see. The metal box on the front has to be changed. It is too wide and hits the car when I make a really sharp turn. I have one picked out, just need to measure the batteries to make sure they will fit.

I also got the anemometer working on the weather station. And pulled off the skirting on the house to see if I had a leak somewhere. The noise went away after I ran the hot water in the bathroom sink. It had some air in the line, so I’m thinking that was the problem. I didn’t find any leaks.

Went to the post office, stood in line about 15 minutes and the line hadn’t moved. There was only one person working and the line was literally out the door, so I went to DG, did my shopping and went back. The guy that had been standing behind me hadn’t even made it to the counter when I got back. My package from Iola hadn’t arrived It hasn’t had any tracking updates since the 19th. So much for being perishable. Whatever it is is going to be ruined by the time I get it. 

I was supposed to figure out Vicki’s printer issues yesterday, but by the time I got everything done, I was way too tired to think, so I am going to try this morning. I want some down time today because I go back to work tomorrow. The only other thing I have on the agenda is getting stuff ready for tomorrow and the post office if and when my package ever arrives. Plus, I have to start pulling stuff together for my trip to Phoenix, that is day after tomorrow.

My new wake up time seems to be 2:30. :( That is when I was up yesterday and again today. Several times last week too. I guess it is time to see if I can get another hour or so of sleep before I get the day started.

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