Monday, December 21, 2015

Dryer is up

I got the dryer installed. I ended up asking my new neighbor to do the lift and hang, it was over my head and I would have had a hell of a time getting it done. I got it as far as on top of the washer, so all he had to do was literally, lift and hang. I even tried it out. Did about half my usual weekly laundry. It will be nice to have options for drying clothes.

It went on the hooks first try. Phew! It will take a little while for me to relax as I am afraid it is going to fall down. I just don’t trust sheetrock even tho I know I got some stud in some of the screws, and it is hanging on plywood not sheetrock. And the hooks themselves don't seem all that sturdy.

That took several hours to do, and my arm is sore this morning. After he hung the dryer, I went next door and met the kitties. Both part siamese and very pretty. Was nice to pet a cat and they were both receptive which surprised me. One brown and one blue. Apparently they spend a lot of time watching my bird feeders. 

I had to clean up the mess I made and put away my tools and find the laundry detergent I knew I bought, I knews I stashed it somewhere. I also had to relocate the stuff that was on the shelves over the washer. I got lunch around 1. I read for a while, and then later, just before it started getting dark, I broke out the weather station and got that working. I got the anemometer up, but it isn’t working so I will have to take it down again and see if I can get it to transmit. Nothing is ever easy.

Today is Monday morning coffee, then I need to go to the bank and the post office and then meet Glen at noon for the trailer transaction. I also need to get a bird block since they have wiped out the last one. And a couple of hose clamps for the anemometer pole. At some point, I need to go back to Vicki’s and find out what is going on with her printer. Her license did print, but it printed across the street at a neighbors place. Go figure. At some point I also need to go to the market. I need to get the stuff for Thursday. And I found out we do it again on New Year’s eve day too so I will have to come up with something for then as well. 

I have a noise. Sounds like a drip, but I can’t find it. It kept me awake last night, and I still haven’t been able to figure out where it is. Just spent some time trying to locate the “tic”. I think it is under the bathroom sink, under the house. If it is water, it is dripping on my ac vent tube thing. But it could be just a hot/cold expansion thing too. Will have to wait and see. I haven’t spotted or felt any water anywhere. And I may have gotten it to stop. I really don’t need plumbing issues. And I am not going under the house. I don’t do crawl spaces. I will have to pay someone to fix it. Of course, it is right next to the bedroom. I ended up sleeping in the chair last night because of it.

I grilled steak last night. Now I remember why I don’t do that more often, it takes forever. I should start looking for a new grill I guess. It came out OK, but I’m not crazy over the marinade I used. I had mashed sweet potato and cauliflower with it. No, I haven’t had the mac and cheese, too many carbs for me. I don’t do pasta’s at all any more. My grill is a tiny electric one I got for three dollars last spring. It just doesn’t give off enough heat, and isn’t adjustable.

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