Sunday, December 13, 2015

Missing Jake

Was a slow day at work yesterday, so the day felt about three days long. The fastest hour of the day was my lunch hour.

I brought home a 10ft piece of pipe to install my wind sensor on when I get around to setting up the weather station. Hoping to do that sometime this weekend. But xmas takes priority. I have a lot to do as I haven’t even started yet.

I did not go to the Christmas Light parade last night. After four days of working, I just wanted to relax. I am disappointed I have missed it for the second year in a row, but being alone, I loose motivation to go to these things. Just wasn’t worth the effort to get myself out there, find it, park the car and stand there in the cold all by myself.

My dryer did not arrive. I am hoping for tomorrow, but there is no estimated delivery on the new tracking info. It was in New Mexico on Friday, so I am hopeful. I am also hoping it isn't damaged.

TV is horrible lately, nothing on, and since I can’t seem to stream with the new internet, absolutely nothing to watch. I dragged out my McLeod’s Daughters DVD’s hoping to watch that again as I have only watched it once and it was a few years ago, but they are region 4 DVD’s and this player won’t play them. I looked on eBay for a new region 1 set, it doesn’t exist. I guess I will have to get a multi region DVD player. I will see if my computer will play them before I spend the money. I might be able to do airplay onto the TV if it does. Just have to figure out how that works again. I did order season 8 of Heartland so I can catch up on that. I did settle for watching Gilmore Girls. I have seen that a couple of times already, but it was several years ago.

I had a bad night sleeping. I had another Jake dream and woke up hurting. Sigh…I thought I was past those. The holidays are hard enough without adding the Jake dreams. It hurts almost as much as it did when he died, thankfully it doesn't last as long. I still miss him so much each and every day.

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