Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wreath is up

I got the wreath decorated and hung. It isn’t over my shell window because I couldn’t reach, but it looks good anyway.

I also got the seat covers on the back seat. That was not much fun and it took longer than I had hoped. I couldn’t reach both front and back to get the clips connected, so I ended up tying them off. I don’t know how they expect anyone to be able to install those. It would have taken two people with very small hands. I also took a few minutes and figured out how to install the shade cover over the cargo area. That too is jury rigged because it isn’t what I thought I was ordering and the hooks I needed for it aren’t in my car. Sigh….I may still see if I can find the retractable one. 

I cleaned most of the bathroom and vacuumed, and read a book. I needed some down time before I go back to work today. I still haven’t done anything about gifts or cards. I am usually done by now. I guess that will have to be this weekend’s project.

My new internet isn’t working this morning for some reason. I am on my pay per gig. Not sure what is going on. I can connect to the device, but it has no internet connection. Basically the same problem I had last week with the Straight Talk device. I’m connected with Verizon, so it isn’t my computer. Has to be crap signal. It was very slow last night, so maybe they are having problems. I guess I will be keeping the Verizon pre pay as a backup.

So back to work today. It is stock day, so it will be very busy in the morning, and tomorrow is Jan’s day off. But it is also the dinner party. I’m too tired at the end of the day to deal with it, but again, I guess I have to. I will be out of there as soon as possible tho. I have to go to the dumpster, turn on the water on C St for a little while and also go to the post office. 

Yesterday I ordered a wireless router to lock down the new internet. I also ordered a weather station using my birthday gift certificate from Mike. Both should be here tomorrow. Too bad I will be too tired to play with them.

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