Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cards are done!

I got the packages to the post office yesterday morning. Thankfully, I put my own shipping labels on or I would have spent half the day there in line. I got to cut line and just leave the packages. The one I had to pick up was in my box. Phew! The line was out the door. 

I stopped at Sal’s on the way back. I found a lighted wire cactus for a buck, a santa spoon rest, a cute little ceramic xmas container, a couple of tops and two matching christmas table cloths. I spent $7.25 total. The lights on the cactus didn’t work, so I removed the old ones and put my solar string on it. It is standing out in my little cactus garden. Although it didn’t look much like a cactus when it lit up at night. Oh, I also got a set of santa cork backed metal coasters. It is rare that I leave Sal’s without something. I got another mini stocking that matches the small one I had too. The table cloths have a couple of stains, but nothing terrible. You kind of expect that. I have a whole year to try and get them clean.


My dryer did arrive. Yay. I even got to try it out. Right now it is in the bedroom, but I have to pull it out from the wall a bit when I use it. It is too big to be able to put the vent thing on as it overhangs the counter. I guess I will have to get it mounted over the washer. It will fit, I measured it. Not sure if I can do it myself tho, and I will have to take down the shelves I have there. I will have to build a shelf over the back of the washer for the detergent and fabric softener too. No more underwear hanging in the bedroom. :)

I got the last basket waxed and finished and packaged. Finally. :) Not my colors, but I think it turned out nice. So I am done with gifts.

I made a hamburger soup with the last of the veggies in the fridge and some dehydrated veggies. Had to use them up or toss them out. It wasn’t as good as my last one, but it was still good and I have enough for dinner tonight. This afternoon is the widow’s xmas dinner at Silly Al’s - pizza. Vicki called yesterday and asked if I were going. I guess we will ride over together. This will be the first time we have done anything since her people got back.

I ordered a new small suitcase yesterday. An American Tourister, bright red, on wheels. I remember struggling with my bag, computer, etc., last Christmas and didn’t want to have to muscle it all to my room. Should make it a lot easier. I also made my hotel reservations. I should have done it last week when I looked, I would have saved about $30. Oh well. 

I kept quite busy yesterday. I didn’t get to my cards until last night, but I have them all done but one where I have to write a letter. Hoping to get that done this morning and in the mail. I also need to get rid of another load of cardboard, the dryer had a lot, and go to the market to get food for my lunches this week. I am completely out of veggies to cut up. In and around everything else, I got two loads of laundry washed and hung out. Then folded and put away.

Hoping for a little bit of quiet time some time today since it is back to work tomorrow. But I have a whole list of things to do. We’ll see how much I get done.

I finally killed the shopping cart I had been using for Critters and Creations. I hadn’t gotten any sales in over two years on it, so it was time for it to go. I updated my web page and have the link going to ebay instead. We’ll see if that does anything. At some point I should take the time and create a new cart, something I control and can promote to the search engines. This cart wasn’t doing that.  But I don’t have much to offer at this point anyway. Thankfully it wasn’t costing me anything.

Well, time to either go back to sleep or start that letter for the xmas card. I’m thinking sleep. Woke up at 2:30 this morning, that would make for a very long day. 

Cold here, freeze warnings and days only in the mid 50’s, plus wind and clouds. Not exactly what I signed up for, but it beats shoveling. :)

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