Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Amazon Wish List


  1. Some ideas for your wishlist....
    Homemade solar oven:
    If you get the Oyxgencs showerhead you will probably need this too:
    If you're going for roof-mount solar, these are awesome: smaller & way lighter

    Just a couple ideas for you...

  2. Weird....I didn't put all those spaces in there!

  3. I have seen that cooker, haven't tried it yet but want to. The dollar store sells those windshield things. I bought some once intending to try the solar oven, but have no idea where they are. Thanks for the info on the shower shut off. I thought the shower head came with it. Now I know better.

    I hadn't seen those panels. Thanks for the info. :)

  4. It does come with a shut-off, it just doesn't work very well. If you look at the reviews on Amazon I actually posted a customer photo of how much water comes out with it "off". The showerhead itself is a big improvement though.