Monday, June 16, 2014


I had company for most of the day. Susan and Bruce drove up from Maine and brought Amato's italians with them. There is nothing like Amato's italian sandwiches, and you can't get them anywhere else. 

It was cool and breezy most of the day, finally cleared off and warmed up a little about mid afternoon. Susan and I went to Simon The Tanner so she could use her gift card and so I could get some shea butter. I won't be able to get that once I have gone, got two bottles, and may get a couple more before I leave. They are quite expensive, but the oil eliminates a lot of my itching. Then we did the walk along the shore.

I found a new coffee/tea maker at STT and splurged on it. It is called ingenuitea. I used it over night to make my iced coffee for the day. So far has been much easier than the filters and the canning jars, but we will see how easy it is to clean out after it's done.

After Susan and Bruce left, I kept looking at the bike. The handlebars were all wrong. I followed the instructions for assembly, such as they were, and it has been so long since I have actually seen a bike, that I didn't have a point of reference. Besides, I am used to the rams horn style handle bars, and my brain wasn't processing this stye.  I got it figured out. Had to disassemble the front brakes again, this time from the handle bar side, so I now have a complete understanding of the braking system.

Got it reassembled, and it now actually looks like a bike. :) The funny thing is, I posted the pic on FB, and not one person picked up on it or said anything.

Doesn't it look better? There was enough air in the front tire for me to try the bike out. I went up and down the road a little way a couple of times, and I didn't fall over or hurt myself. BUT, the bike seat is very hard and that is going to be a major issue, and this morning, I am having trouble with my right shoulder, the rotator cuff. That concerns me. If five minutes on the bike is enough to irritate it, what will kayaking do? I didn't even think of that when I bought the kayak. And who would have thought riding a bike would aggravate it?

I guess it is going to be a time will tell kind of thing. I may have to part with both toys, but will give it a good effort before I make that decision. It's pretty discouraging, I am trying to be more active and live a healthier lifestyle, but it isn't worth the pain that these activities cause. 

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  1. I didn't notice anything was amiss with your handle bars. The look farther away now, like it's more of a stretch. Maybe if you out them back the other way, they won't hurt your shoulder. Just a thought.
    Friends who bring food from a favorite place are the best!!