Saturday, June 21, 2014

It has been several days...

It has been several days since I have written. Falling down on the job. But there isn't much to report, no news, nothing new.

It took several days for my shoulder to feel better. Monday and Tuesday were quite painful. I started icing it on Tuesday and there was a significant improvement by Wednesday. Today, just a twinge. Almost ready to try the bike again. This time with the seat just a little lower, hoping that will make the difference.

First Friday Night Live last night. The first one I haven't worked since Jake died. It felt strange. I did wander over to visit for a few. Not so much with the people that I worked with, they had their own little social thing going on, but with the few friends I have that were there.

Got myself a chicken pesto wrap for dinner, was very good. Almost healthy. But it was more carbs in one day than I am used to. I had a hummus wrap for lunch. Bread, twice in one day. A major no-no.

I hung out there about an hour or so, then came back and fired up my chiminea. Kali Cat and I sat there and enjoyed the music while also enjoying privacy and a nice little campfire.

She hung out with me for over an hour, and when she started showing signs of wandering, I let her in and she went off for a cat nap and was snoozing soundly when I finally came in.

About the only things I got accomplished this week was my two old laptops cleaned off and shipped out to a friend that will upgrade them and sell them. I am getting an old mac book pro in the trade, which I will sell when it gets here. I have ordered an 11" mac book air to take on the road with me. Supposed to be light, battery long lived and easy to use. I will still have my big Dell for webwork and other production work.

The baby monitor that I was going to try and use as a backup camera came. I tried it out, couldn't connect to it all. And in the process, it screwed with my internal network and I had to reboot everything. I have spent the last two days emailing back and forth with the seller to try and get my money back. 

Two weeks until moving sale day and moving into Ody. Still don't have a closing date, but can't pass up the 4th of July weekend to sell stuff. Lots and lots of people will be in town that weekend.

Off to Anthony's later to get some fresh garden produce. Lettuce and greens. Yum! My little garden didn't do anything. I think I am going to replant. I still have five weeks or so, time enough to get some lettuce and spinach. Hoping for some tomatoes soon, but if the temps stay the way they have been, I might not get any. 

Cold all day yesterday, 37 degrees F this morning, 45F yesterday. And windy! Brrr!

One quick note on the progress of the sale. Mark, the RE Broker, emailed and wanted a copy of the title insurance. I know I bought title insurance, I ALWAYS do, but I don't have it and the lawyer doesn't have it is looking like I won't be able to produce it. I am hoping that isn't going to kill the sale. I have waited too long, spent too much money, and given up too much of my stuff to turn back now. I'm outta here, one way or the other. With money or without. Selling the car should bring me enough to get to the southwest, figure out the rest after I get there. Might have to get a real job. It has been quite a while since I have worked for anyone but myself. It is going to be interesting.

I am hoping for a firm closing date by the time I sell off the last of my stuff. Say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed.

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