Thursday, June 5, 2014

It was another beautiful day. In the upper 70's. Got my walk in somewhat early.

Spent some time promoting the stuff I already have for sale, and trying to figure out what else I can sell so that I can pay the bills for another month or two. It is getting pretty slim. I have already sold so much. I guess if no one bites on the pile of stuff next door soon, I will have to start piecing it out on eBay. I really didn't want to do that, but I need to make some money to replace what I am spending on Ody this week. She is taking about half of what I have left and I don't know how long before the closing. It is getting very, very tight.

They came and put in the additional ground water test wells yesterday. One on this side, and a couple on the other. I'm hoping that means we are getting closer and closer. I really hate that my life's path is being determined by some corporation, and the never ending waiting.

Since Ody is finally going to be legal and the weather is looking pretty good for Saturday and Sunday, I am thinking about taking her out for the weekend. I'm gathering stuff, making a list...even tho I have loaded a lot of stuff, there isn't much for day to day necessities. The list is getting quite long and I have started a pile of stuff. She is supposed to be done some time tomorrow.

I'm going to spend some time today updating my Toshiba laptop and make her ready for travel. I haven't used it since last fall, and everything needs to be updated and I need to transfer my favorites and passwords and stuff. That will take up a good part of the day. I need to get my walk in before the rain starts too.

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