Saturday, June 7, 2014

Maiden voyage, first camp

Got Ody back after 6 PM last night. Too late to load up and take off. I did load up the stuff I had set aside and decided to get an early start today. Gassed her up, got the propane filled at Mings, and I should be good for a while.

I'm wishing I hadn't sold my weed whacker, the grass here is quite tall. But I will manage. I am setup. The screen house is perfect and still whole. Won't be using the awning here. Not sure if I am staying one night or two.

I have been for my walk, the last of it about killed me, it was all uphill..I don't have to do it again until tomorrow. I'm good for the day. Time for some lunch. Today it will be nachos.

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  1. WOOHOO!!!!! So happy for you!! It's a beautiful weekend. Enjoy it.