Sunday, June 8, 2014

Maiden voyage

 Well, I'm back. I am very happy to be back online and not have to worry about how much power I am using or how much data. All in all, it was a success. I learned a lot, wasn't far from home, and I got help when I needed it.

I figured out how to put the window screens in and out. 

This was the view from my door. The grass has gotten tall already. It was actually a pain in the ass setting up in the tall grass. But it got done.

I used the window discs instead of the front cover because I wanted to leave the screens uncovered.

I took off around 7 AM yesterday. Gassed up the rig, and then stopped at Mings and had the propane tank filled. From there I went and parked in the field. I couldn't get it very level, but then again, I didn't drive all over the place looking for a level spot. I wanted to be near the trees, and in reality, that is probably the most level spot anyway. We were a little tilted towards the passenger side, but I worked with it. 

Got the screen house set up. Lots and lots of bugs. Black flies, deer flies, mosquitos, you name it. they were there. And mayflies. Lots and lots of mayflies. I had my zapper, so I got the worst of them out of the screen house.  I set up my new Coleman tables and my LL Bean chairs for the first time.I'm very happy with both. 

I ran the generator off and on several times thru the day. The laptop, phone and ipad were chewing up batteries and I couldn't keep them charged. I eventually hooked them into the front via the 12v adapters. Unfortunately, that killed the coach battery. I didn't discover that until fairly late, and I begged on FB for someone to come give her a jump, but ended up calling Bruce who showed up about 10:15. After he left, I ran her for a while and hoped she would start this morning.

I crashed about 11. Thought I was going to have problems sleeping, but I didn't. I'm surprised. The bed isn't that comfy, strange place, no fan, etc. Plus, I missed Kali Cat.

I fired up the generator at lunch time and had some nachos. I had my cold pork chop and a salad for dinner. Watched a couple of episodes of Vexed on my ipad, but was concerned about the amount of data I was using, plus, it was hooked up to the 12v coach battery. 

I was ready to pack it up and head out at 5 AM this morning, but everything was dew covered so I had to wait until it dried out some. Packed it up and headed out. Arrived back here just about 9 AM.

Kali Cat was very happy to see me. I missed her and she missed her evening canned food last night. I have most everything unloaded and put away, but still need to deal with the bathroom bucket.

For the most part, I was bored. Without my electronics, I didn't have much to do. There was no beach, no other people to visit with, no place to walk to. I did go around the block, but walking up the hill in the field about did me in. The next time I go out, I will not travel without my jump starter. I could self jump with the generator, and could keep my ipad and iphone charged up, and recharge the jumper with the generator. I need a solar setup too. The generator works fine, but it is stinky and noisy. It is quiet as far as generators go, but when it is running, you know it. 

The only other complaint I have is the screen house zipper doors. Unzip, zip, unzip, zip, unzip, zip...over and over, always with my hands full. Just too many bugs due to the tall grass. 

It definitely wasn't a negative experience, but it wasn't 100% positive either. Gonna try again, somewhere else this time. Not sure when or where, but will let you know.


  1. Hi Holly, I have a suggestion for next time. You could camp at Brighton State Park, at a site right on Spectacle Pond. Lots of places to walk, and people to chat with. Loons at pond.

  2. I was thinking along those lines. Thanks. :)