Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I made a decision

I decided that Ody was no good if I couldn't use her. I didn't dare take her anywhere with the ancient tires, without having the brakes checked and without a valid inspection sticker. Took her down to Brett's on Meadow Street after stopping in to see if he could do the work. Thinking more and more about selling the car again. Can come up with some other way to carry the extra stuff. It is a calculated risk spending that money now. Lets hope the closing is soon....very soon.

I did feel a bit of separation anxiety. A little concerned about her being out there on the back road at night all by herself. I made sure she was locked up and mentioned my concern to Brett. He said he would keep her locked. Brett says he can do everything I need done, and I should have her back by Friday. Then Kali Cat and I can take her out for an over night or two.

Since I was walking back, I took my water bottle and my camera. There wasn't really much to see, but I did get a few pics.

These are all on Meadow Street. Once I hit the main road there was nothing to shoot.

I wasn't sure how I was going to handle the walk. To me it seemed like a long way. But I started up Map My Walk and measured it. It is just about the same distance as my regular walks, just in one direction instead of a round trip. It was hot. 90 degrees, slightly uphill, and sun all the way. But I managed, made good time and I had the foresight to bring a water bottle. Although unscrewing the stopper on the aluminum bottle every time I wanted a drink was a pain in the butt. Especially while managing the bulky, hard to carry camera. I need to start carrying my pocket camera again.

It was a beautiful day. I spent most of the afternoon in front of the fan reading. Too warm to be in the sun for any length of time. I do feel like I am spending way too much time indoors tho. After the miserable winter and spring, I hate to be inside when it is nice out. But it was just a little too nice. 

We didn't get the severe thunderstorms that were predicted. Although today is going to be cloudy and a chance of showers. Pretty much what we have had all spring. Saturday and Sunday look good, that might be a good time to take Ody out for the first time. 


  1. I am sure that Ody will be fine by herself in the lot!! LOL
    90 degrees up there? Are you kidding? It's not that hot in Philadelphia. Here's another Connie Wonnie cartoon for you:

  2. It feels really strange not having her here. Every time I think of something, I have to write it down instead of just going out to her. As for the 90 degrees, it was short lived and is gone already. We get a week to two weeks during the summer where it is unbearable, then it is gone. This was just a preview.
    Thanks for the link. I like that. I have added it to my daily news feed.