Monday, June 9, 2014

A quietly productive day

For a quiet day, I got quite a bit done. Got the phone changed over from $99 a month on AT&T to $45 a month on Straight Talk, even kept my phone number. It went smoothly, almost too easy. It was working within a half hour and being an iphone with the latest OS, I didn't even have to setup the data. I went from 300 roll over minutes (that I have never used up) and 5 gig of data and no texting to unlimited minutes, texting and data. For half the cost. Other than the name on the screen in the upper left corner, I see no difference in service. Same towers, same service.

I did waste a little time trying to log in to AT&T to close out my account, but apparently it is closed automatically when the number is ported. It doesn't say that anywhere. It would have been nice to know. 

Beautiful day, in the 80's, not a lot of humidity. I got my walk in early, before it got too hot. The lake was beautiful this morning.

After I got back from my walk, I put a new battery in Ody's CO detector. Then went back to the hardware store and bought a roll of screen to cover the jury rigged front door of the building. Now that is is warm, I want to be able to leave that door open without all the bugs getting in at night. I just stapled the screen on, it will be fine temporarily.  I refuse to spend any more money than absolutely necessary. The screen cost $8.

I have a temporary solution to the house battery inaccessibility. Ordered two 12v outlets that can be hard wired to the battery with quick disconnects so I can hook them up when needed. One even has a 25ft extension so it can be used further away from the rig. Will work fine until I can get the solar and converter installed and the whole rig running off solar. I told Mike that he could help me with that. When I finally get the stuff ordered, I will have it sent to him in Wisconsin so it will be there when I get there. 

I also checked the hot water, it is no longer hot. Apparently, it is dual powered and it must have been getting some juice from somewhere. Still not sure which switch it is, but I think I have them all off now. My guess is that the switch was on and it heated the water while the generator was running. 

This afternoon I went back to Mings and bought the rest of the little US magnets they had. I figure someone else might like my idea. They only had three left and she gave them to me for $1.50 each.

So, I don't know if it is the heat, all the changes, or the metformin working out of my system, but yesterday and today I have been really tired. Lethargic, no energy, no ambition.  I seem to be happiest in front of the fan in my chair. I hope it isn't the lack of meds. My numbers have increased slightly, but not a lot. I still check every morning. My A1C will be the tell tho. It's only been a couple of weeks, so we will give it a few more and see what happens.

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  1. The phone provider switch sounds like a great deal. I should look into it.