Friday, June 27, 2014

Moving in

Next week I will be moving into the last. I still don't have a closing date, but it is a holiday weekend and the perfect weekend to have the "big sale". So for the next five days, I will be sorting, pricing and prepping. I will probably have to re-sort some stuff in the rig too, as I can't keep everything I want to keep. Am going to have to get ruthless about it.

I need money. Paid bills yesterday, that used up over half of what I have left, and there isn't much left in the coffers. Cutting it kind of close, hoping and praying the deal doesn't fall through. Still don't know anything. There is some sort of problem with the right of way that hasn't been used in 50 or more years. Part of the place next door is actually built on it. My section is just grass and driveway.

My goal for next weekend is to sell basically everything that isn't nailed down. All the appliances, furniture, fixtures. Everything that doesn't affect the normal operation of the building (just in case). Once I get a closing date I will start on the fixtures, doors and windows and get the Jeep sold as well. Hoping my coffers will get a little boost and I can relax a little while I wait.

IF the sale goes through and the closing is at the end of the month, that will give me about four weeks to adjust and adapt to living in the rig. Kali Cat should be comfy by then too. Hopefully.

A couple of pics of the rugosa roses along the walk beside the lake. The geese are still there and are leaving lots and lots of droppings making the walk an adventure.

Yesterday wasn't one of my better days. I woke up from another one of those Jake dreams, and this one was especially bad. I had a hard time shaking it. Plus, I discovered the ethernet ports on my router have all crapped out. I can't access my cloud drive without it so I had to order a wireless/ethernet adapter. It is something I am going to need, but I could have done without spending the $70 right now with money being so tight. Got it ordered and will now have to wait a week for it to get here. 

Tonight is campfire night. I won't be going across the street to FNL. I can hear the band just fine from my courtyard in front of the chiminea. I will also not be buying my dinner tonight. Saving what little cash I have left for emergencies. I am cooking the half turkey breast I had in the freezer and will get several meals out of that. Got some fresh greens at Anthony's this morning, put some onions and carrots in with the turkey. It is almost ready.

This afternoon I need to sort some papers. If I am going to have a campfire, it would be a good time to get rid of some stuff. I have already gotten rid of the majority of it, will deal with the last of it today hopefully. 

I am having a hard time getting myself motivated and in action. I woke up every day this week with good intentions, but every day I ended up avoiding the sorting and packing. Without a firm closing, I don't have the deadline to force me to get it done. The sale next weekend should get me moving. Finally.

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