Thursday, June 12, 2014

I got the call..

I got the call I had been waiting for yesterday. Mark called and said that things were moving along, still waiting for some VT permits, but we are probably looking at the end of July for closing. That might sound like it is a long time from now, but it is only about six weeks. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I will no longer have a sticks and bricks presence, which I have had for all my life. Literally.

It was kind of a crazy day from start to finish yesterday. I started out with the chamber work I needed to do, got the poster sent off to the printers, researched the no alcohol signs, checked in with Jeanne and we decided on which ones to order. I got those ordered. Then I went to the bank and down to see Brett to see if his stickers had come in yet. From there, I went next door to pull some stuff to put on eBay. I am feeling the need to generate some cash since I spent half of what I have left on Ody and her tires and brakes, etc. While I was doing that, Mark called and told me the good news. That actually takes some of the pressure off.

After I got back and was listing stuff on eBay, I got a call from Chris Carrington. She is a former IP resident that went full time about six years ago. She was in town and wanted to meet. So she stopped by. My first full timer meet since I decided to do this. Monica was here, so I had her take a pic.

I look horrible in this pic. I was looking directly into the sun, plus I didn't realize how huge I look now too. Sigh...I am hoping to some day actually look somewhat healthy and lighter. But this is the first of hopefully many new friends.

Got my walk in in the afternoon. Not much to photograph except geese, but here they are.

This morning I ordered a bicycle from Wal Mart. I had been thinking about it for a while. Got an email with a sale on bikes, so I went to look at them. $79 for a 24 inch 18 speed mountain bike. I bit the bullet and ordered it in spite of the color (teal). I also ordered the lock and water bottle kit and an inexpensive helmet that I probably won't use. $128 total. I haven't ridden a bike in years, lets hope that old saying is true, "It's like riding a bike, you never forget".

I pretty much have decided that I am selling the jeep and won't be towing initially. It would cost almost as much as it is worth to get her setup to tow, and will be hard on Ody's transmission, plus the learning curve. I don't like the idea of not having easy wheels tho, but I guess I will adapt. Maybe the bike will come in handy. I am going to miss that car as I really like it and love the color. But I can probably find something later that is already setup for towing in AZ. It will most likely cost less in the long run and Ody won't have all that wear and tear from towing from the top of the US to the bottom. So when it stops raining, I am going to clean her out and slap a for sale sign on her. I just blue booked her and I should be able to get what I paid for her three years ago. She hasn't depreciated much, and I added the awesome tires and roof rack. Plus the vent visors and custom seat covers. I will be saving money on gas, wear and tear and insurance. Now I am glad I only registered her for one year.

I tried to use my phone as a wifi hotspot yesterday, but apparently that isn't kosher with Straight Talk. :( I didn't know this. But I guess there is a jailbreak that I can do. I need to do some research. The whole idea was to use the phone as backup internet for the millenicom that I will be ordering which runs off Verizon. My straight talk is AT&T, so I would have both major services covered. Should be able to get one or the other. And the one phone call I have had since I changed over, I had some breaking up. Not sure if that is the way it is going to be, but it doesn't make sense if it is. Same towers, same service, just paying someone else for the privilege.

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