Monday, June 30, 2014

Problems with the sale

There are problems with the sale. There is a small 8 ft parcel of property between the two lots that is holding up the sale. No one is quite sure who owns it. Me? Heirs? There have been no transactions on it since 1954. I have been maintaining it and paying taxes on it for 11 years, the previous owners and the owners before that. My driveway, my gardens and my lawn are all supposedly on this piece of property. And as you can see in the pic, there is a structure actually built on it by the owners next door.

Tomorrow at 11AM, there is a conference call with my lawyer and DG to see if we can get this ironed out. Worst case scenario, I could loose the sale. Not quite so bad is the fact it could take another three or four months to get this tied up. Best case is that they could decide that it doesn't matter, no one has stepped forward, the property has been maintained and taxed by this property's owners for years and years and defaults to the current caretaker. Me.

Now, what that boils down to is the fact that I am out of funds and have no more money to live on. I don't know when, or if I will be leaving, and I have to decide if I am going forward with my moving sale or not. But I won't know anything for sure until tomorrow.

I'm leaning towards continuing to get ready for this sale, but keeping the larger ticket items like my washer and dryer and my bed. Let everything else go as if I were moving into Ody. I can use her fridge and kitchen, and I could sleep in her. Just keep the bathroom active and the washer and dryer going for the duration. I should also setup my jewelry inventory for the weekend. Might be able to make some sales.

Everything is going to have to go at some point anyway. I am not spending another winter here. I will leave the building empty if I have to, but could probably rent it out. There might also be other people interested in buying it, but not for the money I would get for this sale. But then it wouldn't be my problem any more either.

Nothing is ever easy. I have been trying to get out of Island Pond and Vermont since 2010. I'm wondering why VT doesn't want to let me go.

So I have decided. I am moving forward either way. I will make as much money as I can this weekend, hang on to the minimum, and just see what happens. Decision made. Onward and upward.


  1. What is the structure on the property that the neighbors built?

  2. It is the shelving rack to hold snowmobiles.