Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sale update

There is really nothing to update at this point. They had a meeting of the minds, and are looking into a couple of things, and this is most likely going to take several months to get settled. About the only thing I took away from this conference call is that they are as anxious to close as I am. They have all their permits, etc., and are ready to fly as soon as this gets settled. So it is basically more hurry up and wait. All this fuss over 7/100th of an acre.

Today I am selling my fridge. Good thing it is just a little one. At the moment I have my plug in cooler going and put my stuff in that for now. When I start sleeping in the rig, I will power up that fridge and freezer and use it.

I also ordered a tiny toaster oven this morning. I can't keep my convection oven, it is way too large. But I do want the capability of baking outdoors, and I have no idea how good the convection microwave is in the rig. Hoping I can sell my convection oven/rotisserie for more than I paid for the toaster oven.

An aside...I fixed the step this morning. It wasn't retracting all the way. Now it is. Just needed a good lube.

I'm continuing to move forward in spite of the fact that the process has stalled. When it does start moving again, they are going to want to close quickly and I am going to want to get out of here quickly. The more I have done and gone, the less I will have to do when the time comes.

Back in 1954 the owner deeded out my parcel of land. At the time, there was a garage and the building on it. He only deeded out the land the buildings were on and a bit in the back). Then he sold the property next door. He never did anything with the little 7/100th of an acre in between the two properties. When Kingdom Cat built their building about 15 years ago, they put up the racking system for snowmobiles. It is on a concrete pad and is constructed of steel beam shelving (industrial size), they later enclosed it with a roof and plywood. I have no idea how they managed to build on property that didn't belong to them. The whole thing is on that strip. Half my driveway, right up to the building and the whole grassy section are also part of this strip of land. The chain link fence along the side of my yard is about half way, in the middle of the strip. We have been paying taxes on it and maintaining it for years. The old man died in the 80's, but has children and grandchildren. So this is probably going to have to go to court to get it straightened out. There are laws concerning eminent domain and other legalese, so we are hoping to get this strip deeded to the two properties that are actually using it and have been since the 50's. So, barring any unforseen heirs, greed and trouble, this should go thru in a few months. DG is just as anxious to get this closed as we are, they have all their permits and the demo equipment will probably be here and waiting on the day of closing. They WANT this store and have already spent way too much to back out now. So it is now more hurry up and wait while our lawyer and the title company get this ironed out. It shouldn't cost me anything additional. There is title insurance on the building next door, and it should pay for the legal fees to get this straightened out.

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