Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The workroom is pretty much done

Yes, I got the work room cleared out finally. Yay. I had been putting it off, and putting it off. That leaves the pantry, and I will be very selective there, and the upper kitchen cabinets which are tiny to begin with.

I have created some more space with some rearranging and I took the bed apart this morning and put all my quilts except Jake's under the mattress. I may eventually move the extra sheets and blankets there too. Just by doing that I freed up 1.5 bins.

I also got the wall pockets hung, and you can see Jake's urn in the upper left, and that is secured to the wall. He isn't going anywhere he isn't supposed to. 

I went and got my tattoo repaired today. It got infected the first time, my own fault, didn't have the right ointment to put on it. Don (Don's Tats) redid the whole thing at no charge. He did an awesome job.

This is how it healed after I got the infection under control.

This is what it looks like today, fresh from the artist. 

Much, much better! 

This afternoon I am making a batch of turkey quinoa meatballs for the freezer. Cooked a couple of chicken thighs for dinner. Two more in the freezer. 

I think Kali Cat has already moved into Ody. She was there when I went off to get my tattoo repaired, so I just closed the door and left her there. She wasn't too upset when I got back. And she is out there now having an afternoon nap. 

I check on her periodically when I am running back and forth between the fridge and the oven.

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