Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A date!

Just got the unofficial word....August 8th! I knew it would happen fast when it finally happened. That is less than three weeks away. Two weeks from Friday to be exact. Wow!

I am just about ready. Need to get Kali Cat set up out there, finish sorting and moving my stuff out and finishing up the cargo area. We spent some time out there yesterday. Went out to fix lunch, KC came with me. She liked the tuna juice and just relaxed and snoozed. Will have to spend some time with the engine running too.

I need to get the Jeep sold, get the hitch basket rigged up...figure out where everything is going. See if I can't get all that done in the next week or two and then do a dry run in the driveway the last week.

Going to have to deal with the utilites...internet - electric. Will have to start making lists. I'm going to be busy.

Today at 1 PM, Ody is having her coolant drained, flushed and replaced. Getting together some spare parts. Fan belt, radiator hoses, etc. All recommended by Mike, my brother. I let myself a note to remind me to disconnect the shore power before I start her up.

I am really wound up now...need for it to sink in. Wow.

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