Thursday, July 31, 2014

Took part of the day off yesterday.

I took a little break in the process of moving yesterday. After I finished moving and sorting all the bathroom stuff, I took Kathy and Anthony up on their invitation to go to their camp.

Kathy and I went kayaking. Now, keep in mind that I have only been in a kayak one other time, way back in the 80's.  I am proud of myself, and so glad that I did take a chance and bought my own kayak. I didn't whine once or capsize. I am adding a waterproof camera to my wish list tho. I took my phone, double bagged in a zipper bag, but it was hard to use thru the plastic and I was scared to death that I was going to drop it. Plus, each time I used it, I had to remove one of the bags. But the afternoon was a great success and I had fun! It has been a long time since I have done anything fun. I WILL do it again.

Both of these pics were taken with my iphone thru a zipper bag. And proof that I really did do something somewhat athletic. I didn't break out my kayak, I used one of theirs instead. Although I am considering setting mine up an heading to the island in the middle of Island Pond before I leave. I have been here 14 years and haven't been on the lake yet.

Here are some more pics I took yesterday. It was nice to be snapping pictures again. Although I am having trouble figuring out the file process in the macbook still. So ended up uploading these to my picasa web album and have imported them from there.

It was just so nice to be doing something other than downsizing and moving. They even invited me to stay for dinner and sent me home with some home grown lettuce. We had freshly caught trout, salad, corn on the cob and coleslaw for dinner. Was very good and much appreciated! Back to it today.

I will be taking my first shower in Ody this morning. I spent the night in the building, by the time I got done futzing with the photos, it was just too late to move anything else out in preparation for morning.

I do believe Kali Cat has already moved into Ody. She doesn't like coming inside. I pretty much had to force her to come in last night. She wanted to curl up on the bed in the rig. 

My tattoo repair is healing nicely. The way it should have the first time. Very little tenderness or redness. I kept it covered up while out on the lake yesterday. And the paddle action didn't hurt my shoulder, and I am not sore or achy today. Yay! Good to know. Now all I have to do is try the bicycle again. Still need to put air in the front tire, the seat cover finally came, and I want to try lowering the seat a little. I may have to get a different bike if that doesn't work. This one may be too small.

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