Monday, July 14, 2014

A few more things gone.

This morning I sent out three boxes to unsuspecting people. They will know who they are when they arrive. More stuff dealt with. :)

I still have three quilts left, the small cupboard, and the skinny chrome shelving. Those will have to go outdoors when I have the yard sale this weekend. I was hoping the last weekend would be the end of it, but I still have quite a bit of good stuff left. I did fairly well tho. Can't complain. :)

The mattress I pulled out of Ody didn't sell, so I dropped it on the floor, washed the cover and a set of sheets from the yard sale and am using it this week. I do have a hard time getting up once I get down there, but am managing. Although, I feel like I am furnishing my first apartment or a dorm room. Using milk crates, lawn furniture and a mattress on the floor. Notice the blankets as curtains...I'm too old for this crap. :)

I will be adding the remaining rugs to this weekend's sale. The other two have already been moved out to Ody and are on the floor. I did break down and go out and get my little portable Keurig. I had been using the french press, but I'm not crazy over the silt and grounds in my coffee. I have the Keurig and plenty of kcups, so I might as well use them until they run out. 

Kali Cat caught herself a mouse in the wee hours this morning. Indoors. She was so proud of herself she had to announce it with chirps and meows. I praised her and tried to go back to sleep, but it wasn't in the cards. I'm getting really tired again. Not sleeping well again, not that I ever made it to sleeping well, but I had been doing better.

Here is a photo of Kali "Jungle" Cat the other day when she was relaxing in the day lilies. 

I finally got my cloud drive working - without the wireless adapter. Go figure. I also am very pleased with my Bose Mini Bluetooth speaker. Big sound from a little speaker. Will be perfect for Ody. I have been using it during the day with my ipod for tunes and at night with my ipad for TV. I'm getting used to watching TV on the smaller screen, it isn't bad. It was the volume and speaker wires I had issues with. Although, you can't connect more than one device at a time. I have to physically turn off bluetooth on the ipad or ipod before I can switch to the other. I haven't tried it with my phone or macbook air yet, but I am sure it won't be a problem.

This morning I have been phasing myself out of the chamber website, emails, etc. Backed up the website and then sent the login info to the new webmaster. Changed a few other things at the same time. I just discovered that I missed the meeting for July. Spaced it. Didn't realize it was the 2nd Tuesday last week. No one said anything or asked me about it. Guess I wasn't missed. That also explains the step up in finding alternatives. Nice to know I am so easily replaced. As Jake would say..."it is what it is".

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