Wednesday, July 23, 2014

No paperwork yet.

So, it is still unofficial. No email or paperwork has arrived yet. They had better get it together and get it sent out soon as this place isn't sitting empty like the place next door. 

I took Ody out and up the road for a quick test drive before I dropped her off to have her coolant changed. She has quite a steering wheel shimmy. I had him check the tires, but she is going to need an alignment and possibly re-balance the tires at a real truck place. I also need to get her weighed to make sure she isn't over weight, and if she is, figure out what to bail.

I now have a spare upper radiator hose and fan belt, but need to order the very expensive lower hose assembly. Found one online for about half the cost of buying local and it is OEM. Will get that ordered. Ordered the Feliway pheremones for Kali Cat. Am hoping they will take the stress out of riding for her. She isn't going to be a happy kitty and I am hoping I won't have to cage her. Time will tell.

Made my appointment to get my dragonfly tattoo repaired. Lost a lot of it when it got infected. I have the right cream to put on it this time. It should heal nicely.

So much to do and yet no firm date. Sigh....

Just got an email from my attorney. It basically says that a date hasn't been set yet and won't be until some time next week. I wonder where the 8th came from? Either way, I won't know anything for at least another week.

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