Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A bench, a table and a wheelbarrow...

Just a few more of the things that are gone. The table was built by Jake and is a nice, sturdy work table. I had been using it in the courtyard for the fountain and plants, but the fountain and plants are now in the little red wagon.

The pansies have gone by and are now compost. The fountain seems happy in the wagon, but I may remove the base and just set the bowl in the wagon. 

This is the bench that is gone. Was also Jake's. Sigh...

The "moose" lilies are blooming. They are actually Wild Canada Lilies, but when we brought it home, it was taller than the shed so we dubbed it moose lily. For several years it reached over the roof of the shed, I have photos, but can't seem to find them. This year they are just little ones, and am wondering if the parent plant died over the winter and these are the babies. Either way, they are beautiful and I think they have a new home to go to soon.

I have had my little burst of energy this morning. It is another hot and humid day, so I'm thinking a quiet day with lots of iced tea and a book.

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