Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Another holiday and another yard sale

Was quite an eventful weekend. Friday morning I was up early dealing with the stuff that it was too hot to deal with earlier in the week. Got the yard sale opened up on time and sold a LOT of stuff on Friday. Saturday wasn't so great, and Sunday was worse. This weekend, I am only going to do Friday and Saturday. I don't have a lot left, and what I do have is all out on the porch. The only furniture I have left is my computer chair and my recliner. Neither sold, and I am using both, so am going to hang on to them for a while.

I videoed the parade and went to the fireworks on Saturday. I wasn't going to do either, but then figured they would be my last in Island Pond, so I did both. Went to the fireworks alone, watched them alone and left alone. I had a nice campfire Friday night while listening to the band in the park, and was going to do the same on Saturday, but it was way too windy for a fire of any kind.

Monday I was busy doing stuff I didn't get a chance to do over the weekend. Got a few groceries, some fresh veggies, and did the post office run and a bunch of other things. Tuesday was a quiet day. Took a package to the post office, did my walk in reverse and waded in the lake a little on the way back. My new "portable" air conditioner was delivered and I got that setup and running. So far I am happy with it. I read two books on my Kindle for iPad and watched a little Hulu on the iPad with headphones. I have sold my stereos and my TV, so I am down to computers and tablets. I ordered myself a Bose Mini bluetooth speaker. I have always wanted a Bose system, and with the bluetooth, I am able to get rid of all my speakers and stereo equipment, which would equal a lot of space in Ody, and use the one small hand sized quality speaker. It got rave reviews, I hope I am just as happy with it. It wasn't cheap. The built in speakers in Ody aren't all that great. Plus, to use them, I would have to have the engine key on and run them off the iffy engine battery. Have already had issues with that.

Food prep has gotten interesting. I sold my microwave, convection oven, fridge, freezer, and coffee maker. Of course, I have the stove, microwave and fridge in Ody, but she is way in the back. I am using the fridge and freezer, and got the bed made up, but am not officially living in her yet. I haven't gotten the cat thing figured out yet. But back to the food issue.. Inside the sticks and bricks, I have a french press, electric kettle, ice maker and butane stove top. So far I have been managing with those. My new little replacement oven should be here today which will increase my options considerably. The house is basically empty. The bathroom is still in full use, kitchen partial use, and I have been sleeping in the recliner and my computer is on the shop counter that I am using as a desk. Feels very strange to be in virtually an empty house. Especially without a target date. I don't know how long I will live like this until I give up and move into Ody full time. I haven't been sleeping out there because I don't want to leave the cat alone. She is 18 years old and we have limited time together. Once I get her setup figured out, we will both start sleeping in Ody.

My goal this week is to weed some stuff out of Ody. I kept a bunch of stuff that I have to sort thru and reduce. I have to find a spot for the AC and ice maker to live, plus, I still have way too much stuff. I'm down to pretty much nothing on clothes, but will go thru them one more time and see if I can get the keeper stuff into the wardrobe. Lighten up on some jackets, get them in the wardrobe too and free up the skinny cupboard for some kitchen stuff. I did already pull some shoes that I took out there. I hadn't worn them in years, so they have to go.

I had a 20% off coupon for shoes at Simon The Tanner and I went over and got myself a pair of Merrill hiking shoes. My New Balance hurt my feet. Merrill seems to be the only shoe/boot that I can wear for any length of time. So I traded out two pair of boots, one pair of dressy sandals and two pair of dress shoes for the new hiking shoes.

I am also going to have to part with some more sentimental stuff. The last thing Jake gave me, two weeks before he died, was a Vermont Teddy Bear. It has unmeasurable sentimental value. But, I never take it out and look at it, and it takes up a lot of space. I am thinking of sending it to Kendall, Jake's first granddaughter with a note included explaining it's sentimentality. I think Jake would be happy with that. I will take lots of pictures of it first tho. I'm sure there are other things with almost as much sentimental value that I will have to part with too. But I am on a roll, and will have a new lifestyle and there is no sense in dragging my old life along with me. Any quilts without sentimental value or not hand made will have to go. Who knows what else I have stashed out there. But either way, it has to be reduced.

I'm off to do some more reducing. I will post some pics of the empty building later.

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