Monday, July 28, 2014

More curtains

I did up two more blackout curtains for Ody yesterday. Cut one full sized packing blanket in half, used one for the big window over the bed and the other half is now hanging over the door. I ordered some black bias tape edging because of the batting inside the blankets. I will do the window over the sink and the bathroom window when that gets here. Plus the raw edge on the door curtain. Get them done while I still have the sewing machine. I hate sewing by hand. Plus, I am not very good at it.

The back side of the curtains are black. It is kool that the gray on the inside coordinates with the window toppers. Not only will these block light, they are added insulation and will create privacy.

I didn't remove anything from Ody yesterday. I did do some sorting and rearranging which created some more space. I need to finish packing up the work room and pantry and toss what I am not keeping. I don't think there will be a yard sale this weekend after all, but maybe just a few things out for sale.

I sold two of the three quilts yesterday and put the third one back in Ody. It was the one I liked the best anyway, so I am going to keep it. Maybe even change over to it right away. It is blue and will go nicely with the rig's color scheme. I have moved a few more of Kali Cat's things out there, even fed her out there yesterday. 

It was rainy and nasty most of the day so Kali Cat and I took a nap together in Ody. 

The sound of the rain on the fiberglass roof is quite different than a metal roof, but isn't bad. Shouldn't be too hard to adjust to that.

Time to get some work done. Would like to have the work room at least, finished today. I'm running out of time.

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