Friday, August 1, 2014


A lot of stuff happened yesterday. The closing date has been bumped from the 8th to the 15th. I'm OK with that, I plan on taking the extra time and relaxing a little and maybe doing something fun before I leave. I took my first shower in Ody yesterday, that was an experience. A learning experience. I managed to even get my hair washed, but it needs modification. Picked up a shower curtain at the hardware store, will try that this morning. If that works better than that stupid door, the door is gone. I hate that door. It doesn't move smoothly, it is ugly, and the shower is so small the door is in the way.

Ordered a new shower head that is supposed to give better flow and coverage, and picked up some floor stickies because the shower is slippery. I also need to snake the drain. All of it manageable. Will take a few days to get my routine figured out. I also have a couple of suction cup soap dishes on order. Still figuring out the shower caddy part of the equation tho. Whatever I do has to be above shoulder level since the shower is so small.

I made a deal with Albert on the cedar fencing. They came and took down the section by the big building next door because that is going to be disassembled today and relocated somewhere. A real reminder why I put that fence up to begin with, junk between the building and the chain link. Ugly. I also made a deal with Craig for the heaters and about the car. I am going to keep driving the car until I leave, and when I leave, will take it over and let Craig sell it for me. One less thing to worry about.

Kali Cat isn't feeling well. She literally slept all day yesterday. Didn't even visit with Iola like she usually does. Her nose is warm. She did go out last night for a little while and seemed to be a little better when she came in. She is eating. Had her canned dinner in Ody last night. I'm afraid this might be her "decline". But she has rallied before. She seemed to like the fact that we slept in Ody last night. I actually slept quite well. Other than waking up in the wee hours to the scent of skunk..Had to close the window. The smell is gone this morning. Oh, and KC used her Ody litter box for the first time during the night. I never heard a thing. She snuggled up to me all night.

Since I had to order the Oxygenics shower head, I also ordered the dry bag for my phone and the waterproof camera. I want to get the kayak out and hit the lake sometime next week. Looking forward to some nice loon pics and whatever else I find to take pics of.

The actual living in Ody part of things is going to take some getting used to and tweaked and modified along the way. I should be pretty good by the time we leave. Needs some reorganizing, and will do it as we go. Not a lot of room and it has to be optimized. I still have to move what is left in the kitchen, the AC and the pantry in, but am going to take a few days off and just be. Now that I have an extra week, I will relax a little.
Watched TV on the little macbook. It gets a decent enough signal out there, but I am going to move the router closer to the back of the building. However far the phone line will go. Plus, when the fence comes down beginning of the week, I will move Ody closer to the building. The macbook does fine, but the ipad doesn't do so well. My phone won't get the signal that far away either. I want to setup the ipcam in the front of Ody so I can see what is going on outside when the privacy curtain is down.

One of the things I need to do is get the 12v outlets hooked up to the house battery. Once I unplug, I will need the power, and could actually use it now. I popped the circuit breaker yesterday using the microwave to warm up some tooth brushing water after I took my shower. I didn't think about the water heater being on at the time. I won't have to do that this morning because I have room temp water out there today. I do need to get my water filter moved from the kitchen to Ody. That will help when I am hooked up to shore water. But I guess I will be buying drinking water once I leave here.

The water smells. I am going to have to bleach the tank. I'm hoping by using the water the hot water heater will get flushed. Will have to live with the scent until it does. I did well. Managed to get everything washed, including my hair, without running out of hot water. It is a 6 gallon tank. The new shower head should also help with that. Ody also has an outdoor shower, so I can wash my hair separately if I choose to do so.

For now, I am using the toilet for liquids only. Any TP goes in the trash can. Anything else gets done in the building. Still planning on a composting toilet at some point. Then TP and solids won't be an issue.

Today's chore is to get the storage bins out back moved away from the fence. Will move the chamber one when they come to empty it for FNL. They are supposed to relocate it, but don't seem to be in much of a hurry. So for now, it will just get moved away from the fence while it is empty. Mine is almost empty anyway, so it won't take much to move it.

Once Ody is moved out of her corner and up closer to the building, I can spend some time setting up the hitch cargo basket and figure out what I can take with me and what I can't. I can't work back there with the ass end in the bushes.

I should have some pics later of the big storage building coming down. It is going to be strange, I have never been here when that building wasn't there. So many changes! Sounds like they have started on the building next door. Time for breakfast anyway.

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