Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Just got the call. Was supposed to sign papers this morning, but that has now been postponed until Monday. I don't think this is ever going to end. I was ready! Am ready. But that solves the issue of when to leave. I can now slide out early some morning next week. I am so glad I waited to have the power and the internet cut off. 

Things are still being dealt with and removed. Even the cinderblocks around the raised bed garden have been removed. They went yesterday. Austins took the huge pile of trash I had out there and I then called and cancelled my service. Also called Blue Flame to come and get their propane tanks.

Kali Cat seems to be having some sort of conversation with the birds. Not sure what is going on, but after this initial chat, she has just ignored them.

Had dinner with Paula and Carol at Pasta and Pie last night in Derby. I had the mediterranean pizza. Was very good. Felt very strange being out in a restaurant. Jake and I used to do that all the time. It has been a very long time since I have eaten anywhere but the pub or the deli. Thanks ladies. Good company, a nice treat.

I did finally get the car cleaned out yesterday so that is ready to go when the time comes. I also spent several hours with my Garmin Nuvi 680 updating the maps and installing the southwest maps. Initially I started out on the mac, but that wasn't going well so I brought it inside and finished on the windows machine. I even downloaded the whole package so that I could just hook up the nuvi to the computer and update without internet access.

My stomach is having some sort of event. I was fine until after lunch yesterday. Bought some seafood and had a seafood wrap. The date on the package was fine, so I am kinda thinking it was the mayonnaise. I'm thinking Ody's fridge door might not be cool enough for the mayo. Time to switch to packets. I'm happy that I was well enough to go to dinner last night. Other than the underlying queasiness, I feel fine. No adverse effects. It could also be stress.

Today is supposed to be nasty and rainy and with the change in plans, I think it might end up being a jammie/snoozing kind of day. I haven't had a jammie day in ages. It is very windy. I rolled in the awning late yesterday and have the door bungied to the mirror. It slammed a couple of times. Thankfully Kali Cat wasn't in the way when that happened.

Time for another cup of coffee. Later!

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