Thursday, August 14, 2014

Last minute To Do's

Got a couple of last minute chores done today. First I moved my license plate. With the tool box there, it wasn't visible. The law tends to get a little testy about that. So I moved it up to the spare tire cover. I didn't mind putting a couple of holes in that. Much better than holes in the back. I even managed to get the plate off the bumper without unloading and removing the box. Yay. :)

I have ordered an LED plate light that will go over the plate at some point...another legal thing. But most of my driving will be in the daytime, so I am not going to worry about it too much. Will need to run some power to it somehow. Maybe off the existing plate light harness. Will need a quick disconnect in case the spare tire cover has to be removed. But will save that chore for when I am parked for a while and can take the tool box off. And by offsetting the cover closure, I gained an extra inch or so to open the box lid. Bonus.

Iola visited, I got rid of a few more things. (Thank you Iola. :) )Absorbed a few more things in the rig and then decided today was as good a day as any to do the cargo nets. It took a while, but I got both of them done. Did some rearranging to make room for the last of the kitchen stuff - toaster oven, ice maker, etc. Got the LLBean folding chairs into the wardrobe in the bathroom so I won't have to keep moving them every time I needed something on that side. 

First side, the side with all my craft stuff.

And the second side - food, storage, etc.

I'm even trying some hook and loop tape on the ceiling carpet for my kayak paddle. We'll see how that holds up. I may have to do something else, some hooks of some sort, but it was worth a try. :)  I can access all the drawers and cupboards even with the nets in place.

The chamber's Friday Night Live storage bin got moved today. Still one bin left. Supposed to be picked up any time.

It didn't go far, just across the street.

I'm letting my phone battery run out. According to something I read online, you are supposed to do that once a year. I have had the phone for about three years and have never done that. I do have a new battery on the way and will change it out, but in the meantime, I will see if this works. 

Yesterday was rainy, windy and cold. Kali Cat and I spent the day in Ody just relaxing, reading and just generally chilling. I didn't even get dressed. I haven't had one of those days in a long time.

I have burger in the little oven cooking for my salad for the next couple of days. As soon as that is done I will be throwing a nice piece of haddock and spinach in for tonight and lunch tomorrow.

I had the seafood for lunch again today, but tossed the mayonnaise. I used a little packet instead, and I feel fine. So it must have been the mayo that made me queasy. I think I am going to stick with the packets for a while. I don't use enough mayo to buy the big jars any more.

Well, the burger is done and cooling, the haddock is in the oven. Almost dinner time.

I have been slacking off on testing my glucose in the morning. It is amazing how fast we can drop a habit. I do need to check it a couple of times a week just to stay on top of things, but not every day any more.

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